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About us

Ranom Enterprise re-sells, provides repair services and stocks a wide range of machinery and spares of food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, bio-technology, juice, brewery, sweetened condensed milk, ice cream, cold storage, cosmetics, oil refinery, pulp & paper, oil & gas, HVAC & refrigeration, marine etc. industries in Bangladesh. It acts as importer, indentor, exporter & re-exporter and supplier.

It keeps a good number of parts like pumps, compressors, valves/regulators, seals, gauges, gaskets, thermometers, flow meters etc. in stock to support the industries, trading houses and suppliers locally and internationally.

Its main aim is to establish a long-term business relationship with customers and overseas partners. Linking up with world reputed manufacturers as well as trading houses; it has a proven track record to provide the right solution to the industries, traders and has become a trusted name worldwide.

It has created a trustable trading house to provide customers in local and abroad with products and repair services at reasonable and acceptable prices. 
Sometimes, it is critical to select a machine or spare of discontinued brands that are usually found in the existing plants. You have us do the job by suggesting and selling the right product at affordable price with the best backup.

In many cases, some parts are no longer produced by manufacturers, so we rely on specialists to rehabilitate parts called "obsolete". All reconditioned parts or opportunities are guaranteed for 12 months.

Manufacturers of quality products and trading houses are welcome to our house

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