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Cleaners & degreasers

Food grade and Industrial quality cleaners and degreasers that satisfy the needs of our most demanding customers. Here are some of our most sought after products:

Strong, highly concentrated all-purpose hard surface cleaner-
water soluble and readily biodegradable

Heavy duty acid cleaner & descaling agent-
cleanes, derusts and delimes hard surfaces and machine parts

Multi-surface, food grade foam cleaner & degreaser-
quickly breaks down grease and grime

Food grade stainless steel cleaner & preservative-
cleanses, protects and retards tarnishing

Industrial grade metal cleaner & degreaser (Aerosol)-
cleanses and degreases metal parts

High yielding food grade degreaser-
excellent for tough cleaning jobs in food stuff environments

Very powerful, heavy duty industrial degreaser-
degreases whilst protecting metal surfaces against flash rust

Strong, industrial quality cleaning towels-
Convenient and easy to use for cleaning up your hands, tools, work area etc.

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