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Grease / lubricant

Interflon Food Grease 1
Multi-purpose food grade grease that does not bleed

High performance multi purpose grease that does not bleed. Engineered for the (automatic) lubrication of machinery used in industrial and foodstuff environments.

Fortified with Teflon® for providing outstanding equipment protection and extended grease life for problem-free operation. Highly resistant to water for providing functionality where extended grease life is required or process water rules out the use of conventional lubricants.

Interflon Food Grade Lubricating Greases
Save Maintenance Costs in your Food Stuff environment

Interflon makes some of the world's most effective friction-reducing greases bearing the NSF® Mark so that you can safely enhance operations where incidental food contact from lubricants may occur.
Our vast selection helps you find just the best performing NSF® tested and listed food grade grease for your particular needs. All products comply with the directives of the Food And Drug Administration (FDA) and can therefore be used safely in environments where foods, beverages and drugs are being processed.

Interflon Fin Food Lube
Multipurpose, dry film food grade lubricating oil

Highly versatile, dry film food grade lubricant fortified with Teflon®. For a multitude of general machine parts, cable and chain lubrication applications in food-stuff environments. Formulated to reduce your maintenance and down time costs and the number of lubricants currently in use.
Goes on wet, displaces moisture, breaks down deposits and penetrates even into the most inaccessible areas. Treats seized parts and prevents the formation rust and other corrosives.
NSF® (Class H-1) tested and listed, which gives this oil full acceptability for use in all areas where incidental contact with food, beverages or drugs may occur.

* A wide range of greases and lubricants for food, pharmaceuticals and other industries available

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