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Water desalination unit

Fresh water generator with prolonged service life

• Reduced heat consumption due to pre-heating of feed water
• Reduced maintenance costs • Prolonged service life thanks to extensive use of non-corrosive materials
• Reduced installation costs • Reduced fouling due to pre-installed and adjustable chemical dosing unit
• Automatic feed water dosing valve securing optimized fresh water production

Field of Application
For the desalination of sea water, the production of potable water, and fresh utility water
The water desalination unit is a single stage plate type based evaporator and condenser, separated by stainless steel demister
Plates (evaporator and condenser): Titanium
Vessel: AISI 316L, with SMO 254 reinforcement
Jacket water: 70 - 90°C (160 - 190°F)
Also available for steam injection
Sea water: 0 - 32°C (32 - 90°F)
6 bar gauge
Transmission area/duty
Up to 60 m³/24 h (16,000 U.S. g/24 h)
Maintenance access
Full access for cleaning and inspection
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