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Premix unit / Blend system

Premix unit for soft drinks and carbonated soft drinks preparation

WATER SYSTEMS manufactures electronically controlled (BLENDSYSTEM M) and volumetrically controlled (BLENDSYSTEM V) premix units for drinks preparation.

They can be used to produce soft drinks, flavoured water, and more generally for all those products that require an accurate dosing and constant mixing of water, syrup, aroma and, eventually, other ingredients.

The solution proposed by WATER SYSTEMS also allows the production of simple sparkling water.

Different version of such device are available, according to the required dosing accuracy degree, both of liquid elements and carbon dioxide dosing, and allows to achieve a high quality product, reducing at the same time the waste of syrup and carbon dioxide.

If necessary, the premix can be equipped with heat exchange units for the cooling of water and syrup.

Finally, all the BLENDSYSTEMs, on Customer’s request, can be equipped with a carbometric unit for the constant check of the dissolved carbon dioxide in the product, and with a refractometer for the online analysis of sugared and diet drinks.

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