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Water purification systems

The water purification is the key process for soft drinks, beers, juices and drinking water manufacture, since water is the major component of these products.

As such, the quality of the water used in a beverage has a critical impact on the taste of the drink, its appearance and its physical and microbiological stability on the shelves in the store.

Though raw water is normally treated by the municipality or private well owner to render it potable and fit for human intake, it may still have characteristics and components that can adversely affect the quality of the beverages in which it is used.

Raw water from a single source may also vary considerably in composition and microbiological, physical and chemical characteristics due to seasonal or environmental changes in the source conditions.

Still another reason for the need to treat water for beverage production is that on occasion, infrequent as they may be, municipal water treatment plants may encounter problems. Although these may be considered as mere inconveniences by the public so affected,
to the beverage manufacturer, it could present serious marketing and cost hazards should such water be used in its products.

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