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Wax & coatings

Clean, protect, ease slide and stop corrosion

The invaluable properties of Teflon® particles when applied for lubricating by rolling, are also applicable in products that traditionally lubricate by sliding. Therefore, Interflon waxes and coatings have been fortified with Teflon® and other high performance resins for extraordinary adhesion, low friction and improved water resistance.

As a result, our waxes and coatings provide for the exceptionally low friction coefficients that are not possible with conventional base products. At the same time, they don't stain, better resist moisture and contamination and stop rust whilst having a much longer expected operating life.

Interflon Slide Wax
Extraordinary long-lasting, non-stick, low-friction slide way and conveyor lubricant. Facilitates easy slide and prevents elements sticking.

Interflon Wax Spray
Extraordinary long-lasting, water repellent coating with Teflon®, particularly suitable for smoothening sliding surfaces of packaging and transport equipment, printers' cutting tables, etc.

Interflon Fin Film WB
Protective, low friction stainless steel coating formulated with Teflon® and other high performance resins for extraordinary adhesion, toughness, corrosion and abrasion resistance.

Interflon Bio Weld 15+
a quickly biodegradable, silicone and chlorine-free anti spatter. It prevents the adhesion of weld beads on work pieces, tools and blowpipes/welding jets. It is water-based, non-flammable and extremely efficient. Does not contain VOC.

Interflon Bio Dry Rail Coating

Special dry coating for railway points. Developed to reduce the amount of maintenance required, to reduce soiling of the sleepers and pollution of the soil, groundwater and bodies of surface water, and to improve safety, economic life, availability and reliability of the railway infrastructure.

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