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Wort cooling, yeast dosing and wort deaeration

Economical production by minimising production time and the use of additives

Field of application Brewery
Description The WortMaster product range comprises wort cooling, yeast dosing and wort aeration units. In addition to fast and efficient wort cooling, Designed for easy integration with existing lines, WortMaster units enable effective and accurate in-line dosing of yeast and oxygen using the patented APV gas injector
Capacity 50 - 1,200 hl/h (1,000 - 30,000 U.S. g/h)

• Constant monitoring and improved regulation of the process
• Repeatable fermentation performance
• Higher accuracy in yeast and oxygen dosing
• Reduced fermentation time
• Turn down ratio to 25% of nominal capacity
• Constant yeast/oxygen ratio, regardless of flow
• Fully CIP-cleanable
• Traceable production data

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